Artificial Marble Colors for Interior Project

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Port: Xiamen, China
Production Capacity: 5000 Sqm/Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Min. Order:One container

Product Details

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Name: Artificial Marble Colors For Interior Projects Design

Product Details:


Artificial marble colors


Solid color series, Marble series, Colorful series

Slab Size(mm)

2400 x 1600, 3000 x 1200, 3200 x 1600


30px,37.5px, 45px, 50px,75px.


Widely used as interior wall, flooring, decoration and others


Cut-to-size as 600*600,800*800,1000*1000,1200*1200mm, and any other desired size

Surface finished

Polished, honed, or other specified finish

Edge Finishing

Polished, round, bevel, chamfer, honed and etc.

Quality control

Safe packing

Color differece control

Thickness tolerance: +/-1mm

All products checked by experienced QC pieces by pieces and then pack


Well packed with fumigated wooden crates for tiles and coutertop,and bundles for slabs


one container

Artificial Marble Colors For Selection

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Artificial Marble Sample For Referece

01 Artificial marble colors 002.jpg

Artificial Marble Features:

Artificial Marble is mainly used for interior walls and floors. Physical properties are based on natural stone and quartz stone during use. When used on the background, drums, discoloration, scratches, etc. are easily generated. It is extremely difficult to clean after prolonged use. There is also a large gap between natural glossiness and surface glossiness.

Artificial Marble is based on unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, and is made of marble powdered sand or granite fragments bonded with a binder. Ordinary stone, also known as artificial marble. There are two production methods: tablet production and block production, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. The former is superior in the diagonal and flatness, while the latter is better in heterogeneity in terms of uniform color, such as cylindrical processing. At present, there are many types of Artificial Marble was stone block production in the market. 

The Artificial Marble Stone Product Features:

1) Most of the Artificial Marbles used are organic pigments of different colors. Organic pigments are not tolerant to sunshine, moisture, acid and alkali, etc., and are easily discolored or even discolored.

2) Most of the Artificial Marble have high glue content. On the one hand, the texture of the stone is not strong, and the decoration effect cannot be graded. On the other hand, the glue has a large thermal expansion and contraction rate, and the product is easily deformed and has a short service life.

3) Artificial Marble due to process reasons, many pores, poor impact resistance of the product, and easy to seepage and stain bleeding, poor resistance to disease, the gloss is more false, easy to wear, not lasting.

4) Granite using marble powder as raw material does not contain acid, because its main component is CaCO3, CaCO3 and acid react easily and decompose; marble powder and binder hardness are very low, so the hardness of granite is also very low, generally Less than Mohs hardness 3, so it is not wearable, not resistant to scratching, easy to scratch.

5) The main purpose of the main indoor decoration, especially the main wall decoration

6) The biggest advantage is cheap.

Artificial Marble Manufacturing Process as follow:201806051718582118655.jpg

Artificial Marble and other Stone packing and loading


Marble tiles by carton then to wooden crate.
Marble Cut to size by crate.
Marble slabs strong fumigated wooden bundle.
Payment Term: FOB/CNF/CIF (USD, EURO)
Payment Method: TT or L/C at sight
Port of Loading: Xiamen port

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