White Mirror Fleck Quartz Countertop

Commodity: White Mirror Fleck Quartz
Supply Ability:15000m2/Month
Min. Order: 100 Square Meters
Packaging Detail: use plastic file to cover the surface and packing by the wood pallet

Product Details


White Mirror Fleck Quartz Countertop

White Mirror Fleck Quartz Countertop is a fashionable product. with better stable qualtiy,

Our workers can cutting White Mirror Fleck Quartz Countertop slabs into various sizes countertop as customers need.The pure White Mirror Fleck Quartz Countertop also with very high degree reflect light effect.

Production cheap quartz countertop need professional press and mixed machine,we have good raw material quartz and machine,and then can guarantee the product quality.Welcome quartz countertop distributor,reseller,contractor contact us directly.


White Mirror Fleck Quartz

25 1/2"X96", 26"X96", 25 1/2"X108",

26 1/2"X108",28"X96",28"X108"etc.

Kitchen Island

98"X42",76"X42",76"X36",86"X42",96"X36" etc.

The four most commonly used edge processing:

① OG

② Laminated full bullnose

③ eased & polished

④ Laminated eased & polished

White Mirror Fleck Quartz Stone Tech Date: 

① Abrasion resistance(polished):23.8mm

② Thermal shock resistance:Mass loss:0.02% Flexural strength loss:-3.5%

③ Impact resistance:4.38J

④ Domensional stability: Classification :A


White Mirror Fleck Quartz Countertop


No air hole, straight,


quartzite stone

Related color

Quartz stone with glass/ mirror series, quartz stone with small grain series etc

Advantage color

 Pure white color, glass inside series,

White Mirror Fleck Quartz Application:

Widely used for countertops, kitchen tops, worktops, table tops, bench top, so on.


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