New Royal Botticino Marble Slabs for Hotel Projects

It is a type of stone, belonging to marble, formed from metamorphic rocks of sedimentary and sedimentary rocks. It is a metamorphic rock after recrystallization of limestone, often accompanied by the texture of biological remains.Widely used in flooring and wall.

Product Details

Name: Royal Botticino Marble (New)

Physical characteristics:

Bulk density: 2.73 g / cm3

water absorption 0.25%

compressive strength: 132.8 Mpa

flexural strength: 11.5Mpa

Mohs hardness: 4.6

gloss: 89.2


Beige Background colour, white flowers, luminosity.

It is hard to make the expoxy resin for this material. Cracks issues. Quality ranges large.


Flooring & Wall


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