Picasso Colorful Marble Stone For Flooring Tile And Background Designs

Having been focused on stone fabrication for over 23 years, Yeyang Stone Factory now brings you high quality and competitive price picasso colorful marble stone for flooring tile and background designs. Having access to many Chinese marble quarries, we are rich in quality material resources....

Product Details

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Name: Picasso Colorful Marble Stone for Flooring Tile and Background Designs
Product Details:


1. Tile Size:

305×305×10mm 12"×12"×3/8"    457×457×12mm 18"×18"×1/2"

400×400×12mm 16"×16"×1/2"    300×600×12mm 12"×24"×1/2"

400×400×20mm 16"×16"×3/4"    300×600×20mm 12"×24"×3/4"

400×600×20mm 16"×24"×3/4"  600×600×20mm 24"×24"×3/4"

Thickness: 10mm(3/8"), 12mm(1/2"), 20mm(3/4"), 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm etc.

2. Slabs Size:

(1800-2200) X 600/700/800 X 20-30 mm (for granite) 15-30mm(for marble)

(2200- 2400) X 600/700/800 X 20~30 mm (for granite) 15-30mm(for marble)  

(2400-2600) X 600/700/800 X20-30 mm (for granite) 15-30mm(for marble)  

Thickness: 1.5-1.8cm/2cm/3cm/4cm/6cm,etc

240up*120upcm, Maximum: 340*200cm

Thickness: 1.5cm/1.6cm/1.8cm/2cm/3cm/4cm/6cm,etc.

Customised sizes

Product Overviews:
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3.Countertop & vanity top project
4.Composite tiles
5.Garden series project
6.Marble Mosaic project



1.New Victoria Falls Marble
2.New Lava Ocean Marble
3.New Vemont Grey Marble
4.New Castro White Marble

Should you're interested in our picasso colorful marble stone for flooring tile and background designs, welcome to buy or wholesale the discount product from us. With over 23 years experience, we're one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come and enjoy our cheap price and quality service.