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Polishing Marble Vanity Top Guide

Jan 10, 2018

Polishing marble vanity top

In the bathroom one can find marble and other natural stone being used as vanity top material.  Marble is a soft natural stone and can become scratched very easy.  Specialized Floor Care Services Co., provides marble vanity top polishing service as well as complete restoration and or replacement severely damaged marble vanity tops when needed. Additionally, we recommend that the stone surface receive a generous coating of stone penetrating sealer.


Polishing marble vanity top steps

The first step is to prepare the marble surface by cleaning it thoroughly.

If you are going to polish the marble countertops by yourself, you are advised to purchase a ready-made re-polishing and sealing kit and appropriate tools. You will need a variable-speed grinding machine, appropriate for domestic use, or at least very fine-grained sandpaper for really light scratches.

You should be able to wet sand shallow scratches and surface stains off. If the results are satisfactory, rinse and dry the countertop. And don’t forget to finally buff it with an appropriate product.



Any cleanser other than specially formulated stone cleaner can build up over time and dull the surface of marble.

If using a palm sander, put on goggles.



If you have etching on your countertops from using the wrong cleansers, buffing with a chamois might not get them shiny enough. Marble-polishing paste helps fill in etch marks and scratches.

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Our in-stock vanity tops are available in sizes ranging from 25” up to 73” and accommodate our in-stock bathroom vanities.  With over 35 colors and styles to choose from, in materials such as granite, quartz, crushed marble, solid marble , you are sure to find the perfect combination for your bathroom!

All of our vanity tops come fully fabricated to size, polishing marble vanity top and ready for installation with mounted porcelain sink bowls and faucet drills. Most styles also include back and side splashes.