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YEYANG Stone Product Quality Control


Experienced QC is very important involved in the stone business. Our QC is responsible for overall stone quality control systems, process, stone packing, they are very careful to inspect each piece of tiles from your orders, select out the unqualified products, and supervise the cutting, packing and whole procedures in factory. We are taking good care of all details for your order. 

As always we will make sure all of your order in good situation, we guarantee that when our customers receive our goods with great satisfication and happiness.

Marble Quality Control as follow:

marble factory workshop.jpg

Countertop & Vanity top Quality Control as follow:

countertop and vanity top quality control.jpg

Quartz Stone Quality Control as follow:

New Finished SGS Test Report of Our White Ice Quartz and Solid White Quartz, if you need more test report,please contact us.

New Finished SGS Test Report of Our White Ice Quartz and Solid White Quartz

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